Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Impressions By Charles Lovett

I belong to a wonderful program by Penguin.  It is called First to Read.  Every month they offer books that have yet to be published.  You can enter the drawing to win or use your accumulated points to guarantee yourself a copy of the book.  One of the easiest ways to earn points is to log into the site every day (gets you 5 points)!  You can also win points by reviewing the books and writing about the books on social media sites.  I used some of my points to guarantee myself a copy of First Impressions by Charles Lovett.  I love Jane Austen and really thought I was going to enjoy the book.  Here is the review that I submitted:

First Impressions by Charles Lovett looked like it was going to be good, but I was disappointed. This book goes between two different time periods.  The earlier with Jane Austen and Richard Mansfield and then later with Sophie Collingwood.  As a lover of books, I thought I would really enjoy and love reading this book, but  I did not.  I love Jane Austen and that time period, but just not this book.  The book did not flow for me and I found it difficult to read this story.  I was just glad to finish reading the book.  Of course, not all books are going to appeal to all readers.  That is what makes each of us and each book unique.  Please note that I received a free copy of this book from Penguin's First to Read Program.

Other people have read the book and loved it.  I think it just depends on the person and what they like to read.  I have just finished reading Relatively Dead and Seeing the Dead by Sheila Connolly.  Both are great books.  I will be reviewing Seeing the Dead on my blog within the next couple of days.

I hope everyone is having a great week!  If you have time check out Crafty Secrets blog.  They are currently having their monthly challenge.  Have a great evening!


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